I have formed a new political party and I am desirous of contesting the next election, however, there are still some details that need to be finalized. My concern is, if an election is called before I have applied to the EBC for assignment of a symbol will I still be able to do so?

Election Rule 23(2) of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 2:01 states as follows:                                   

“On the application of any political party desirous of using at an election the same symbol for all its candidates at the election (in these Rules referred to as “the party symbol”), which application shall be made not later than three days after the publication of the election notice for the election, the Commission may assign to such party the party symbol so applied for, and the symbol shall thereupon become the party symbol of the party for the election and all subsequent elections, unless and until, on application made as above, another party symbol is assigned to the political party.” 

Therefore, any application for assignment of a symbol must be made in accordance with the timeframe established in the above quoted rule.

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