Section 10(2) (d) of the Jury Act, Chapter 6:53 requires you, as an EMPLOYER, to make a return on the prescribed Form D of all persons in your employment who are qualified to serve as jurors, together with your own name if you are so qualified.

The Elections and Boundaries Commission’s, Jury Section, initiates the process of the compilation of the List of Qualified Jurors by sending out correspondence, a list of the Qualified Jurors of your company already on the Commission’s Database and instructions on the completion of the required forms indicating the deadline in which it you as the EMPLOYER are required to return same.

Qualifications for a juror

  1. Every person shall be qualified to be a juror who –
    1. is over the age of eighteen years and under the age of sixty-five years;
    2. is ordinarily resident in Trinidad and Tobago;
    3. was born in Trinidad and Tobago; or, not being so born, has resided in Trinidad and Tobago for two years or more;
    4. is able to read and write the English language and understand the same when spoken.

Disqualification as a Juror

Every person shall be disqualified from being a juror who –

(a) has been convicted of an arrestable offence or any indictable offence not being an arrestable offence involving dishonesty in respect of which indictable offence such person has been sentenced to imprisonment;

(b) is of unsound mind, or imbecile or deaf, or blind or afflicted with any other permanent infirmity of body or mind; or

(c) is bankrupt, or has entered into a deed of arrangement with his creditors.

Qualifications as a Special Juror

(i) Any person liable under section 3 shall be qualified and liable to serve as a special juror who is either –

(a) seised or possessed of freehold or leasehold interest in land of the clear annual value of eight hundred and forty dollars; or

(b) in occupation of a house which is rated or assessed to some general or local tax of an annual value of not less than seven hundred and twenty dollars; or

(c) in receipt beneficially of a net annual income of not less than six thousand dollars.

(ii) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a married woman who is qualified to serve as a juror under section 4(2), shall be liable to serve as a special juror, if her husband is qualified and liable to serve as such a juror.”
Preparation of the Jury List

FormD (F.I)


It is important to note that in accordance with Section 10, sub-section (4) of the Act,

“An employer who-

(a) fails to make the return required by sub-section 2(d) within the period specified in the Demand Notice; or

(b) willfully makes an incorrect or incomplete return, is liable on the summary conviction to a fine of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).”

Should you require further assistance you are kindly asked to contact any of the following officers at EBC’s Central Electoral Office or the Registration Officer for your area.

Ms. Lena Sahadeo
Deputy Chief Election Officer
– Phone: 623-8320 (Ext. 233)
Mrs. Neisha Ali- Harrynarine
Assistant Chief Election Officer (Ag).
– Phone: 623-8320 (Ext. 233)
Ms. Natasha James
Jury Section
Phone: 623-4622 (Ext. 253)


This assistance is only available to employers who are required by Law to submit such information to the Commission.