The following is the process of deeming electors:

  • Persons can be requested from age 15yrs – persons between the ages of 15-17yrs are ‘non-electors’ and appear as Age Pending on the EBC’S database.
  • All registered persons who attain the age of 18yrs are field checked to verify whether they still reside at the given address, The House #, Street name and Polling Division are verified – the person can now be placed on the voters list. i.e the status is changed to ‘ACTIVE’
  • Persons who no longer reside at the given address are notified in writing (an enquiry as to address – Form34 is sent). Such persons will be required to visit the Registration Area Office for their area and complete a change of address from (FORM 22). A field check is done at the new address and if found to be valid the name is placed on the List.
  • Commonwealth citizens can also deemed electors. A Commonwealth Citizen must reside at the given address for at least 1year from the date residence was granted (appearing on the Residential Certificate). A field check is done – once valid the status is changed from Non-Elector to ACTIVE. Commonwealth Citizens over the age of 18years who have not met the 1year residence qualification to go on the List of Electors are referred to as ‘Adult Non-Elector’.
  • Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who at the time of registration did not meet the 2-month address qualification would also have been registered as ‘Adult Non-Elector’. When they have resided at the given address for two months a field check is done and once they are found to be still residing at the given address they are placed on the voter’s list i.e. the status is changed to ‘ACTIVE’.