At 6:00 a.m. the Presiding Officer will announce the Opening of the Poll and invite electors into the Polling Station. This happens simultaneously across all polling stations on Poll Day, also called Election Day.

Where there are several polling stations on the same compound, an Information Officer will direct you to your polling station; verify that your name is on the List of Electors and tell you whether you are to join the Green or Red Line. If there is no Information Officer, electors can check the notices posted outside the polling station for this same information.

If your name is on the List of Electors and you have your National Identification Card, you join the Green Line. All other persons, including the blind or visually impaired and otherwise physically incapacitated persons must join the Red Line.

The Poll Clerk will check that your name is on the List of Electors; compares the number on your National Identification Card with that appearing next to the your name on the Reference List and conduct several other verification tasks. If you did not receive your Poll Card in the mail, one will be made out for you at the polling station, once your name is on the List of Electors.

The Poll Clerk also has to ensure that the elector is indeed the same person as on picture on the National Identification Card presented or the picture on the card in the unit register. All electors are required to sign their poll card in front of the Poll Clerk.

The Deputy Presiding Officer examines your hands and fingers and if there is no evidence of electoral ink stains, issues a ballot paper.

The Deputy Presiding Officer also demonstrates how to mark and fold a ballot paper using the guidance ballot and how to vote with the X-stamp. The ballot paper should be folded to display at the back, the initials of the Deputy Presiding Officer and the polling station number.

A blind, visually impaired or physically incapacitated person has the option to vote with the assistance of a companion or with the use of a template.

In the privacy of the voting booth, you vote by placing an “X” at the right of your candidate’s symbol. If you make a mark other than an “X” your ballot will be rejected and not counted.

At the Officer in Charge of the Ballot Box you display your folded ballot paper with the initials of the Deputy Presiding Officer and polling station number. You will then be required to dip your finger in the electoral ink before you are allowed to place your ballot paper in the ballot box.

If you refuse to immerse your finger in the electoral ink, you will not be allowed to vote.

Voting is simple, quick and easy but you must be registered. Any issues you encounter at the Polling Station is to be brought to the attention of the Presiding Officer.

For a comprehensive view of the voting process check out our video To Vote is Simple!