The new New National Identification card is made of a durable polycarbonate substrate and will eventually replace the ID cards made of Teslin.

This new National Identification card incorporates a sophisticated array of security features, ensuring multi-layered protection against the threat of counterfeit and fraud. Some of these security features are visible to the naked eye. Other security features are visible with the assistance of a magnifying glass and UV light, whilst some security features are accessible only under forensic conditions and using specialised technology.

The features of the new Identification Card

On the front of the new national identification card there are security features that can be seen with the naked eye and those that can be seen with the assistance of a magnifying glass.

The image of the registrant is in black and white. Under the main photo, the words of the National Anthem are visible. The secure embossing design also depicts the multi-cultural facets of our music, for example, there is a man playing a steel-pan and three dancers, all laser etched onto the front of the card. These features are visible with the use of a magnifying glass.

There is a 3D holographic image partially placed over the main photo of the registrant. This holographic security  feature is the image of a photo-realistic hummingbird on a Hibiscus flower. On the ghost image on the registrant, which is also in black and white and identical to the main image, the registrant’s date of birth becomes visible when the card is tilted.

On the reverse of the card, elements of our wildlife and motifs of nature are visible under UV light. There is the Double Chaconia – the official flower of Trinidad and Tobago. The registrant’s information is also captured in addition to an unique card number.

One new feature you will most definitely recognize on this new card is the sealcrypt. The sealcrypt, which resembles a QR code, is a sophisticated, forensic level security feature.