In accordance with Registration Rule 62 (1) and (2) of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 2:01,

The Registration Officer shall make all the necessary removals from, and additions to, the unit registers for his registration area resulting during an electoral registration from the registration of electors or from the decisions of the Registration Officer under section 25 of the Act or from corrections under rule 61 or otherwise; and he shall immediately notify all such removals, additions or corrections to the Chief Election Officer, who shall thereupon make corresponding removals, additions and corrections in the central register.

The Registration Officer shall prepare a revised list of electors for each polling division of the electoral districts to which the electoral registration relates that is situated in the registration area containing the names of all the electors as they appear in the revised unit register for that polling division, who are registered as electors for the election for which such a list has been prepared.

The transactions conducted during an electoral registration are incorporated in the PRELIMINARY LIST. This new amended list is called the REVISED LIST and therefore, changes with EACH election. According to the Election Rules, the REVISED LIST should be prepared sometime before the day fixed for examination of nomination documents, namely the seventh day preceding nomination day itself. [Election Rule 5]: “Before the day fixed for the examination of nomination documents, the Chief Election Officer shall supply every Returning Officer with at least two copies of the revised lists of electors for the polling divisions in his electoral district or, where the lists have not yet been prepared, with at least two copies of the preliminary lists for the polling divisions (sic).”

The REVISED LIST is posted not later than fourteen (14) clear days prior to the date of the elections. This list is posted in the same two places in the polling division where the PRELIMINARY LIST was posted, and a notice to the effect is published in at least one (1) daily newspaper.