Notice of Taking a Poll- Listing of Candidates and Polling Stations for the 2023 Local Government Elections

Election Rule 16 of the Representation of the People Act, Chap. 2:01 says that during an election, as soon as it is practicable after Nomination Day, Returning Officers must give notice of the following:

  • The day on which and the hours during which the poll will be taken;
  • The location of each polling station; and
  • The name and address and occupation of each candidate nominated for election as given in his/her nomination paper, and the symbol assigned.

This notification to the public is published in at least one newspaper. These notices are in the form, set out as Form No. 46 in the Prescribed Form Rules. Every electoral district will therefore have a Form No. 46 and it is posted in the office of Returning Officer for the respective electoral districts and at such other places in the respective electoral districts that are deemed necessary by the Returning Officers.

For your ease of reference, the Notice of Taking a Poll (Form No. 46) for the one hundred and forty-one electoral districts in these Local Government Elections is listed hereunder:

Notice of Taking a Poll for the 2023 Local Government Elections


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