Be careful of persons falsely claiming to be working for the EBC

The EBC has been made aware that persons, purporting to be working with the Commission have been canvassing in the areas of D’Abadie and La Florissante. These persons have been enquiring from residents if they will be voting and whether they require transportation on Election Day. When asked by residents to produce EBC identification, they claimed not to have received said identification badges as yet.

Whilst the EBC is currently engaged in its National Field Verification Exercise and is encouraging the public to co-operate with its field officers, who are currently working in these areas, the EBC denies that any of its staff or persons working with the Commission at this time are engaged in this reprehensible activity. The EBC reminds the public to be careful with their private information in these perilous times and not to engage anyone who does not have bona fide EBC identification and approaches them without EBC branded gear. The Commission also encourages the public to request EBC identification from anyone claiming to be working on its behalf.

The EBC also advises the public to report any incident to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, if approached by any person, who claims to be working with the EBC and cannot so prove.

For further information please contact the Corporate Communications Unit at 625-5924 or

Be careful of perosns falsely claiming to be working for the EBC

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