For the last Local Government Election in 2016, I wanted to register for the first time to vote and was told by the Registration Area Officer, that the EBC wasn’t able to facilitate me because I had only moved into my new house at my new address in about 6 weeks. Why is this?

It must be noted that during an Electoral Registration Period persons wishing to register or regularize their voting status in order to vote at an Elections must be qualified to do so according to the Representation of the People’s Act Chapter 2:01 Section 13 subsection 1(a) to (e)and in particular subsection(d) which states “that a person is qualified to be an elector for an electoral district at a municipal council election who has resided for a period of at least two months immediately preceding the qualifying date in that electoral district…..”
(The qualifying date is the 9th date after the fixed date of commencement of electoral registration). Generally this is the reason why persons might be turned away from registering.

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