Notices of Election for the 2019 Local Government Elections

In accordance with Election Rule (4) (1) of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 2:01, the Returning Officer shall within two days after the receipt of the writ of election or within two days after he has been notified by the Chief Election Officer, whichever may be the sooner, and not less than twelve days clear before the day fixed by the writ as nomination day

  1. publish in the Gazette and in at least one newspaper election notices in the form set out as Form No. 35 in the Prescribed Form Rules;
  2. cause copies of the notices to be posted at his office and a such other places in the electoral district as he may deem necessary.

The Election Notices for the 2019 Local Government Elections are hereby listed for your information.

FAWLocal Gov’t Form 35 Notice of Election (48pages)-compressed

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