Fresh elections in Lengua/Indian Walk

Fern Narcis-Scope, the Chief Election Officer, acting in accordance with Election Rule 101(15) of the Representation of the People Act, Chap. 2:01, has certified to the Returning Officer for the Electoral District of Lengua/Indian walk that the second recount, which occurred between August 17th– 18th, 2023 has resulted in an equality of votes cast between the candidates obtaining the most votes. The Returning Officer for this electoral district has declared the election void, pursuant to this certification by the Chief Election Officer, making way for fresh elections.

This historic development, is as a result of the tie in the number of votes received by both the People’s National Movement’s and the United National Congress’ candidates in the Local Government Elections. The outcome remained unchanged after two recounts of the votes cast. Both candidates received 1428 votes each.

The full details of the Press Release can be found hereunder:

Fresh elections in Lengua Indian Walk

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