Who else, in addition to T&T citizens, can vote in an election?

A. In Trinidad and Tobago a person is qualified to be an elector for an electoral district at elections to either Parliament or Tobago House of Assembly provided that person is of the age of eighteen or more years and on the qualifying date is either

  1. a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago or
  2. a citizen of a Commonwealth country other than Trinidad and Tobago, and has been resident in Trinidad and Tobago for a period of at least one year immediately preceding the qualifying date, such residency being in accordance with the meaning of Section 5(1) of the Immigration Act.

In the case of Municipal Council elections, the conditions at (i) and (ii) of the foregoing apply to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and Commonwealth citizens. However, for non-Commonwealth citizens such persons are required to have resided in the country for a continuous period of at least five years immediately before the preceding date. For these citizens there are other additional requirements associated with the distance of their residence from a City or Borough or their occupation as owners of property of a certain annual rateable value.

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