Under what conditions will my name be removed from the list of electors?

Under the provisions of the act,

(1) No person is qualified to be or to remain registered as an elector who –

  • is mentally ill, within the meaning of the Mental Health Act;
  • is under sentence of death imposed on him by a Court in any part of the Commonwealth or is serving a sentence of imprisonment (by whatever name called) exceeding twelve months imposed on him by such a Court or substituted by competent authority for some other sentence imposed on him by such a Court or is under such a sentence of death or imprisonment the execution of which has been suspended;
  • is disqualified for registration as an elector by virtue of any law in force in Trinidad and Tobago by reason of his having been convicted of any offence relating to elections.

(2) No person, other than a person referred to in section 13(1)c, is qualified to remain registered as an elector if he ceases to be a Commonwealth citizen.

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