Are there any specific prohibitions against expenses not authorized by an election agent?

Yes. It is only the candidate, the election agent and persons authorised in writing by the election agent who may incur expenses in connection with the following:

  1. holding of public meetings or organising public displays; or
  2. issuing of advertisements, circulars and publications; or
  3. presenting to elections the candidate, or his or her views or the extent or nature of his or her backing or disparaging another candidate.

Publications as referred to at (ii) shall not limit “the publication of any matter relating to the election in a newspaper or other periodical”. Also, there is no prohibition against expenses not exceeding $100 which may be incurred by any John Doe on behalf of the candidate. However such expenses must not be incurred in pursuance of any plan suggested by or concerted with others. Further, the prohibition does not apply to travelling or similar expenses incurred by any person. Likewise, the prohibition does not apply to expenses incurred in connection with the holding of meetings to distribute political information or to promote the principles of a political party or a political or other organisation.

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